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Bristol Woodcraft Folk need your help to camp again after break in

Youth charity district has £5,000 worth of camping equipment stolen, can you help them camp again?Bristol Woodcraft Folk need your help to camp again after break in!

On 31st August, youth organisation Woodcraft Folk’s Bristol District was broken into with thousands of pounds of camping equipment stolen. 

Bristol Woodcraft Folk run six groups across the city for children aged between 6-21 years.  At group meet ups, young members learn about big ideas and important issues such as the environment and global conflict through fun activities like craft, games, playing and debating as well as discover new skills and explore exciting experiences, building confidence along the way. 

Bristol Woodcraft Folk can not go camping again unless they raise funds to
buy new equipment

Camping trips are a highlight of the year for many of the charity’s young members. They offer a chance for all ages to enjoy games, adventurous activities, make friends and for some, a rare opportunity to spend time outdoors. 

The stolen items taken from a store used by the district for over 50 years are crucial to Bristol Woodcraft Folk being able to camp. After some support from insurers, the district is still needing to fundraise £3,000 to replace the stolen equipment which included items such as almost all tents, solar lighting, a shelter and toilet tent. Garden tools were also taken which are used for bushcraft activities and maintaining the space around the equipment store. 

Equipment such as tents, a shelter and tools used for bushcraft activities were stolen

Bristol District Group Leader Jenny Thompson says:

“I’ve been a member of Woodcraft Folk for many years, as a child and now as a group Leader. In that time I have been to hundreds of camps, made lifelong friends and so many memories. There’s lots of hard work needed to organise a camp, we’re all volunteers fitting this in around our other commitments. It’s all worth it when you get there and see the children enjoying themselves, making friends and learning new skills. 

It was heartbreaking to hear of the break in and theft of so much of the equipment that is vital for us to run these events. “

Can you spare funds to help Bristol Woodcraft Folk camp again?

Bristol Woodcraft Folk District are asking for your support to be able to camp again and have set up a fundraiser for the public to donate to via this link

While insurance will cover some of the costs of the break in, the district is looking to raise £3000 to replace the missing items. £50 would replace all washing up tubs, £75 would allow purchase of a toilet tent or £350 would cover costs to buy a tent for four young people. Bristol Woodcraft Folk are grateful for any donations big or small to their fundraiser. 

If you have any questions, please email

To find out more about Woodcraft Folk, head to their website at

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