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International Opportunities

Woodcraft Folk is committed to international solidarity and spanning the world with friendship. Woodcraft Folk is an active member of the International Falcon Movement and participates in a wide range of projects, seminars, exchanges and international camps. 

IFM-SEI LevelUp! (12-13 April)

Exciting opportunity for any of our 16-35 year old supporters, volunteers or young members👇✈️

As members of the European Youth Foundation, organisation IFM-SEI has 10 reserved spots for the upcoming LevelUp! 2024 experience. 🚀 LevelUP! is a two-day training to join a community of Democracy Ambassadors who strengthen democratic values and promote participation in the European Elections.

Event Information 📅 When? Friday 12 and Saturday 13 April 2024. 📍 Where? The European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium. 💰 Is it free? The event is totally FREE but tickets are limited! Accommodation will be provided, and you will be reimbursed for your travel. Tickets are free, but limited. 🚗 Travel will be reimbursed, and accommodation (incl. breakfast) in hostels around Brussels (participants will share rooms) will be provided, but participants will need to buy their own food.

Anyone aged 16-35 from eligible countries is invited to fill in this > form to register their interest. ⏰ Deadline to register is February 5th 2023.

If you have any questions or in case of financial constraints, please get in touch with Pauline Lebutte at

Woodcraft Folk is a member of the IFM-SEI.

Queer Easter 2024: Embracing diversity – Building non-normative relations in love and community (30 March-6 April)

For more than 20 years, Queer Easter is bringing together young activists from socialist movements and LGBTIQA*-organisations. It brings together up to 120 activists from all over the world to join this unique queer educational space.

This year’s focus revolves around the exploration and nurturing of non-normative relationships, delving into the realms of love and queer communities. Participants can expect engaging in discussions, empowering workshops, and thought-provoking conversations that challenge conventional norms and foster a deeper understanding of alternative relationship structures. Whether you’re seeking to strengthen connections within the queer community or interested in reshaping societal perspectives on love and family, Queer Easter 2024 promises to be a space of openness, acceptance, and progressive dialogue. Register – and let’s make it happen!

The programme is developed by the international team of Kurt Löwenstein Education Centre for 18-30 years. We will work in track sessions every day. But we will leave plenty of time per day for other parts of the programme participants self-organise, with the help of the international team, but also themselves. In committees we organise our free time and evenings. We will have time to share workshops also participants bring with them and spend one day on a field trip in Berlin. Much more will develop and happen.

The seminar will be conducted in English; thus, it will be rather hard to understand the instructions and fully participate if your English is limited. However, you may help each other out in delegations.

Participation Fee?

50-100€, depending on your country of residence. There is a possibility of travel cost reimbursement, for more details contact Jonas Gerber (details below)

Registration deadline?

11. March 2024 (Participants needing Visa invitations, please apply as early as possible!). Register now


Feel free to contact us with any question. Contact details: Jonas Gerber at email:

How do I apply for international opportunities?

Every project is slightly different, information on this page should hold how to apply. The usual routes are either through Woodcraft Folk by contacting or directly through the partner organisation e.g. IFM-SEI. If applications are direct, links should appear with the opportunities above

Do I have to pay to take part in an international activity?

Most international opportunities have a participation fee. This can range from £50 – £200 for most events. You will most likely find out about the participant fee on this page or during the registration process. Please do get in touch with Woodcraft Folk if you feel that finances are a barrier to participate as we can arrange payment plans and speak to our partners about fees.

How is travel organised?

There is often a travel budget for each activity which should cover travel to and from the event. Depending on the project and activity either you will arrange your own travel and claim back from the hosting organisation or Woodcraft Folk will arrange travel with you and reclaim the funds centrally.

Do I need a passport to take part in international activities?

yes, to travel outside of the UK for an international event or activity you must have a valid passport. Your passport will need to be valid for at least 3 months (in some cases 6 months) after your arrival in the country.

How are participants chosen?

Where spaces for events are limited, criteria for selection will vary from project to project, but may include relevant skills, interests and lived experiences, as well as giving priority, where possible, to those who have not participated in previous international projects with Woodcraft Folk

For more information or to get involved contact:

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