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Woodcraft Folk is committed to international solidarity and spanning the world with friendship. Woodcraft Folk is an active member of the International Falcon Movement and participates in a wide range of projects, seminars, exchanges and international camps. 

E-mpACT E-learning Phase- 17 – 18 June 2022 – Online

The pandemic’s effect on youth organizations exposed a growing divide between European and non- European INGYOs, underlining the existing digital gaps and inequalities in access to service providers and digital tools. Especially hit were the marginalized young people – digital youth work pushed them further to the margins of society and left them to face their own issues related to social exclusion and discrimination. Non-formal education activities and youth workspaces, that for many disadvantaged youths provided a social and safety net, have disappeared in the blink of an eye. “E-mpACT: Youth for inclusive e-education” is a three-year project focusing on addressing the youth needs during and post covid-19 pandemic, addressing digitalization, non-formal education and international solidarity. E-mpACT aims to raise awareness in youth work by examining the pandemic’s impact on non-formal education and
international solidarity.

This project wants to ensure that future policies on digitalization consider the specific needs and aspirations of young people from marginalized communities, and address challenges and barriers they face in active e-participation. E-mpACT involves young people and partners from 8 countries and 4 continents.

The main aim of the E-mpACT E-learning Phase training course is to build the capacity of 16 young people from E-mpACT partner organisations to be able to facilitate e-learning and blended activities.
More specifically, the project objectives include building capacity of young people and youth workers to be able to facilitate elearning and blended activities, developing a non-formal educational toolkit for youth work based on qualitative research and best practice, raising awareness with youth work stakeholders from 8 different countries from 4 different world regions on the COVID-19 pandemic impact on youth work, especially on non-formal education and international solidarity and more.
The E-learning phase will take place 10 – 11 June. Woodcraft Folk has 2 spaces for young people age 16 – 30 to take part in this project. Get in touch to [email protected] if you are interested in taking par or want to find out more.

Changemakers of Tomorrow – 20 – 26 June 2022 – Barcelona

Changemakers of Tomorrow is a new project that Woodcraft Folk are involved in during 2022. IFM-SEI is going to be delivering the project this June in Barcelona! This project is extra special as it was conceptualized, written and now will be run by two European Solidarity Volunteers, Julia Lennon and Aggie Taylor who are volunteering with IFM-SEI from Woodcraft Folk.

The project is part of the 2022 European Youth Foundation Campaign called “Democracy Here, Democracy Now!” and looks at addressing disillusionment with democracy from an international, socialist perspective. The weeklong training will look at developing competencies in community organizing and in using it to encourage meaningful youth participation.

Participants will then have seed money to run their own campaigns to encourage youth engagement in their own communities.

As a partner organisation Woodcraft Folk can send 2 delegates between the ages of 16 – 30. If you are interested in finding out more about being involved in the project and travelling to Barcelona in June get in touch to Debs – [email protected] Here is the form to apply.

Journey of Youth Leadership Good Governance – 22 – 27 June – Barcelona, Catalonia

Woodcraft Folk have been invited by IFM-SEI to join them in Barcelona, Catalonia to attend the good governance workshop. It is the first step in the framework of the Journey of Youth leadership project. 

The trip will take place between 22-27th of June and will focus on topics of internal democracy, transparency criteria, organisational structure, methods to improve youth and child participation, and generational handover. 

The objectives of this workshop will be: 

  • To share various governance structures across the globe and identify good practices.
  • To identify methods for quality and meaningful child and youth participation. 
  • To develop ‘democracy criteria’ for youth organisations that consider different realities and give minimum standards of good governance in youth organisations.

If interested sign up here or email: [email protected]

Journey of Youth Leadership will continue during Common Ground International Camp there will be an opportunity for young people between the ages of 16-25 to participate in workshops focused around youth leadership.

The participants will go through a series of workshops on topics such as: strategic thinking, teamwork, public speaking and have the chance to develop a set of competencies needed to become empowered youth leaders. 

This opportunity is perfect for group leaders who have recently taken up their position and are looking to grow their skills or for anyone who is interested in growing their leaderships skills. 

If this opportunity is something you are interested in then please email: [email protected].uk 

Winds of Change – 3 – 12 July 2022 – Alvito, Portugal

The summer exchange will be taking place is open to young people aged 18+ years.

For this project we are looking to take 5 young people to join our development officer Eireny on the trip. The international opportunity will provide young people summer of memories they will treasure forever. Attendees will make new friends, explore parts of Portugal and experience new cultures. The exchange will also provide a fantastic opportunity to gain international experience and develop skills for young people’s CV for higher education.

Activities on the exchange will include: icebreaker games, team building activities, energisers, working in small and big groups, individual reflection, debates, visits, video creation and editing, presentations, role plays, canoeing, swimming, painting, walking as well as active participation projects within the community.

If this opportunity sounds like something that you would be interested please fill in this google form or if you have any questions then please reach out to: [email protected].

Summerschool 2022 – 17-24 July 2022 – Werftpfuhl, Germany 

This year’s Summer School will be all about the struggle against the immanent menace of climate change and the social upheavals we are experiencing in the capitalist world.

Global warming already affects our every day’s lives and its effects will worsen in the upcoming years, especially for the Global South. New resources are opened up every year which funnels more wealth to the rich and impels climate warming even more.

Participants from the UK are asked to pay their own travel costs.

Find out more and how to register here

Common Ground 2022 – 29 July – 8 August 2022 – UK

From 29th July – 8th August 2022, Woodcraft Folk and our friends from around the world will stand together on Common Ground – to live co-operatively in solidarity and friendship, having lots of fun!

Common Ground is the next IFM-SEI International Camp to be hosted by Woodcraft Folk in the UK. 

We’ll bring together thousands of children and young people from across the world for ten days of camping, co-operation, and friendship. Find out more about the camp on the Common Ground website

International Volunteering camp – 17-27 August 2022 – Ramallah-Palestine

The IVC aims to provide opportunities to young people to learn , understand an experience the life of
Palestinian people through participating in different activities, and also to promote the values of the
independence youth union through volunteering work and workshops.

The IVC is one of the biggest activities done by the Iyu in a yearly bases, from the last camps we have
done, IVC played a big role in giving the participants a better understanding of occupation, and also
experience the life of Palestinian in both the bad and good side. The IVC also give the iyu participants to
know cultures from all over the world and also strengthen their bonds as comrades. And that why we
work hard to repeat it every year.

The  participation fees  is 250 Euro which covers the accommodation, food, and transportation during the camp. If you are interested in being involved in this camp please get in touch to [email protected] to receive an application form

Nuoret Kotkat Summer Camp 24-31 July 2023 – Finland

Nuoret Kotkat (NKK), the Finnish Falcons, will celebrate its 80th anniversary in the summer of 2023 by organizing an international camp located in Nurmes, North Carelia of Finland. We invite you to come and experience friendship, democracy and great time in the beautiful scenery of North Carelian nature.

Our gathering takes place at the camp site of Hyvärilä Youth Centre and its theme is communality – an important aspect of Falcon movement all around the world, and one that has become even more meaningful during the last couple of years.

Tickets are 195€ per person and they include accomodation, food and activities.

Send your questions and find out more about booking with your group by contacting [email protected]

For more information or to get involved contact:

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