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Woodcraft Folk has been delivering activities for young people for almost 100 years. Over this time, there are phrases and words that are traditionally used to refer to certain activities, roles or parts of Woodcraft folk activities and camping and residential trips.

What to bring to camp / Kitlist

All Woodcraft Folk activities will be slightly different and you will need to slightly adapt your kit list for each event depending on time of year, the expected weather, which activities you will take part in, age of participants and the length of the event. It is good practice to share the recommended kit list […]

Gas Safety Guidance

Advice for groups on the safe use of bottled gas (LPG cylinders) for cooking at camp

Wild Camping

Wild camping can offer the ultimate back-to-nature experience for small groups, whether as part of a trek or expedition, or a night away from a longer camp

Camp Finance

Different groups have different approaches to covering the cost of trips, and there is no one ‘correct’ way to do it. However, as a general principle, Woodcraft Folk groups should do their best to make sure that the cost of activities doesn’t exclude anyone from participating. The simplest first step is to set a price […]

Venues for Camping and Residentials

There are a wide range of venues that are available for the use of groups. The right choice for your group will depend on many factors, including financial considerations, the confidence and experience levels of your volunteers and young people, the range of activities you want to offer, and logistical issues, including any access needs […]

Food on Camp

Food is, of course, an extremely important part of any residential or camping trip. Meal times can be a highlight of your event, particularly if you‘ve involved the children and young people in advance in planning and discussing what you’ll be eating. In preparing to go away with a group, you will want to consider […]

Leading for the Future

Leading for the Future

Woodcraft Folk’s toolkit to support young people to develop participatory leadership

Take Action for our Planet Badgework

What is this all about? This badgework has been funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry to help young people learn about and explore how chemistry and science can help us make positive change towards our earth’s future. We know our groups already do lots of important activities about the climate crisis and many have […]

Group Registration 2024

Woodcraft Folk Annual Group Registration All groups are expected to complete the following for Group Registration 2024: The deadline for submitting your online annual registration is the 8 January 2024. Attached are step by step instructions on how to register your groups for 2024. Watch a video about the Group registration 2024 process, to be […]

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