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Online PVG application

You can now complete your Scottish PVG application online. In addition to completing a PVG application individuals must also complete the volunteer application form.

The online application process is a very easy 2 step process. Organisations are able to request for applications to be sent directly to their volunteers for completion using only a very simple template form.

This guidance document is for both Membership Secretaries and applicants.

STEP 1 — Membership Secretary Guidance (only)

Once you’ve identified who needs to apply for a PVG, you’ll need to download an ‘Online application request form’ to complete and submit. You’ll need to liaise with your volunteers to complete the relevant sections of the form.

  1. Download a copy of our Online Application request form
  2. You can submit up to a maximum of 10 application requests per form
  3. The following fields must be completed on behalf of the applicant:
  • Title
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Applicants address
  • Valid email address, this is where the application link will be sent soplease make sure there are no misspelling or typos.
  • Application type – select one of the following acronyms:
    •  Scheme Record to join (SRJ) – Applicant is joining the scheme for the first time
    •  Scheme Record Update (SRU) – The applicant is already a member of the scheme for the regulated work group you are checking
    • Existing Member Scheme Record (ExSR) – The applicant is already member of the scheme
  1. You’ll need to witness the identity documents for each applicant. Click here to view our PVG ID checking guidance. Documents witnessed must be listed in the ‘ID verification’ column for each applicant on your form.
  2. Once completed return the form to The remaining fields to be completed, the form checked and signed by the organisation’s lead signatory (Membership & Groups Manager).Once the ‘Online Application Request Form’ is submitted to the Membership & Groups Coordinator the form will be sent to Volunteer Scotland for processing within 24hours. All volunteer applications are free of charge.

STEP 2 — Guidance for the Applicant

This is useful information for Membership Secretary

  1. Once the request for an application has been submitted you will receive your online application form link by email from Disclosure Scotland via You will only have 14 days to complete your application. A reminder email will be sent to you 2 days prior to your application link being cancelled.Please check your junk inbox if you do not receive your application link within 14day as the email might be there. If you do not complete your application within 7 days it will be cancelled and a new application request would need to be submitted by Woodcraft Folk, so please do try and complete your application upon receipt.
  2. Once the application has been submitted it will be processed and a paper certificate will be issued to both the applicant and the organisation.

Important Notes

All applicants and Membership Secretaries should bear in mind the following:

  • The Member & Groups coordinator will be informed when an online PVG application form link has been generated and sent to the applicant. On the Groop membership database we will record the date the application link has been sent to a volunteer and will be given a ‘pending status’. Any pending applications with a date longer than 7 days will need to be chased by the Membership Secretary.
  • PVG applications are free of charge for volunteers. Please ignore the payment section on the form.
  • If you’ve already submitted a paper application form please do not complete an electronic version.
  • ID must be witnessed by your Membership Secretary before forwarding the ‘Online application request’ form.
  • If we discover an error on your form we will contact you by email or telephone to rectify this.
  • Applicants will receive their certificate by post as normal.
  • Membership Secretaries can find out the results of a PVG application bygoing to our Groop Membership database or contacting

Support available

If you need further information or have any questions regarding the online application process you can contact the following:

  • Contact the Woodcraft Folk’s Membership teamat or call 020 7703 4173 I(option 1).
  • Live Chat with Disclosure Scotland: you can access this service 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Virtual Drop in Session on Disclosure Scotland website: These sessions give you the opportunity to ask any PVG related questions you might have.


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