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WE:CAN — Climate Action Now

Why Climate Action Now?

The climate emergency is here, it’s real, and it poses a real threat to our planet. As Woodcraft Folk members we have been discussing, learning about and taking action more and more, but now is the time for us to share our knowledge and co-operate in our actions to change the systems which have got us into this mess!

Woodcraft Folk Everywhere: Climate Action Now (WE:CAN) contains activities for groups who are new to exploring the climate emergency in their programme, as well as ways in which those with more experience can super-charge their actions! The activities in this resource have been divided into four themes:

  • Justice
  • Innovation
  • Biodiversity
  • Survival

And three stages:

  • What do we know
  • Learn together
  • Climate action now!

You can complete them in any order and dip in and out of the resource as you would like, but we’ve included some suggested programmes later in the attached booklet for anyone looking for a guide of where to start!

Group sizes
Activity types
Age suitability
Age suitability
Polar Bears
The sea is rising and the ice caps are melting - can the polar bears...
Colour Palette
Start to consider the idea of biodiversity with your group by exploring the variety of...
Oh Dear
Try this warm-up game to show how a population is affected by its habitat -...
Flowers, Insects & Frogs
Try this warm-up game to understand how species depend on each other in an ecosystem...
Council of Beings
We need to speak up for the natural world – this role play exercise will...
Food Chains
Plants and animals form a fragile ecosystem - what happens if one part of a...
Pond Dipping
Explore your local pond and take a closer look at the weird and wonderful creatures...
Bat & Moth
Bats hunt their insect prey using echolocation - try this game to see if you’d...
Bird Beaks
Work out which beak is top of the pecking order!
Bird Behaviour
Head to your local park, nature reserve, or even just a tree-lined street to discover...
WE:CAN Climate Action Now front cover


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