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New group holds first residential thanks to funding

With funding from Nature England via the Youth Hostel Association’s Outdoor Citizens group, one of youth organisation Woodcraft Folk’s newest groups was supported to host their first residential experience at the charity’s Height Gate centre during the Easter holidays.

Glossop Woodcraft Folk opened its doors in October 2022 with a new volunteer team with no previous experience of Woodcraft Folk activities. The group has been slowly growing and gathering momentum. As part of a pilot of our new Group Builder scheme, the charity’s Membership Team offered them the opportunity for a fully supported Woodcraft Folk taster residential.

In April, thanks to external funding, they were joined by experienced young leaders, who took responsibility for the programme, the menu and producing an information guide – enabling the new group (volunteers and children) to simply turn up and enjoy a Woodcraft Folk experience. Activities included gingerbread baking, hiking, games, an Easter egg hunt, bushcraft, clay making and singing.

Sam Riddle, Glossop Group Contact, said:

“Our first residential at Height Gate was so much fun! The Young Leaders who organised the activities and ran the weekend were fantastic! And we haven’t been able to stop singing ‘the penguin song’ since we came home!”. 

Woodcraft Folk’s evaluation of the event and Sam’s positive response has confirmed that the charity wants to continue investment in doing similar events for other new groups. 

For more information about Group Builders email Woodcraft Folk are looking for Group Builders to support with delivering this offering to new groups. You can apply here for this role if you are interested.

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