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Woodcraft Folk announces international Camp 100 in celebration of centenary anniversary

Youth organisation Woodcraft Folk is turning 100 in 2025! Join them for a celebratory camp to mark their special birthday.

Woodcraft Folk today launch Camp 100, their centenary camp which is happening between 27th July and 6th August 2025. The charity is excited to be returning to the same site as their international 2022 camp, Common Ground at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire. The camp hosted 2,700 young people represented by numerous youth organisations from 22 countries around the world. The camp was attended by 2,700 people and its location was perfect for 10 days of cooperation, youth empowerment and activism.

As part of a range of events happening in Woodcraft Folk’s centenary year, Camp 100 will give districts a chance to get together with like minded international organisations and span the world with friendship for a big birthday bash. In true Woodcraft Folk style, at the camp you can expect workshops, engaging activities, games and of course lots of dancing, songs around the campfire and endless fun!

Woodcraft Folk CEO, Debs McCahon says:

“As Woodcraft Folk prepares for its centenary year it is only right that we are co-ordinating an international camp – bringing together 1,000s of children and young people across the globe to celebrate a 100 years of international friendship. For many, camping is the most important part of their Woodcraft Folk experience – the opportunity to live, work and play together, living Woodcraft Folk values of peace, sustainability and inclusion.”

You don’t have to wait until 2025 to get involved with the charity’s 100 anniversary. In the meantime, the Woodcraft Folk are inviting people to take part in their 100 100s Challenges. These are a range of activities all themed around the number 100. From planting 100 seeds to whittling 100 tent pegs or taking part in 100 minutes of community action, there are activities for all ages and interests that align with the organisations values.

How many can you complete by the end of 2025? Check out the image below.

The charity is encouraging their supporters, members, local groups and partners to get involved with the challenges.

As the 2025 anniversary gets closer, Woodcraft Folk will be keeping members up to date with all the latest information via an e-newsletter. To sign up, simply complete this short Google Form

Another way to stay up to date is by following the charity’s specific centenary themed social media channels using the handle @camp100WCF on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Camp 100 website will be launching this summer. 

On Saturday 13th May at 5.30pm there will be an online open meeting for anyone interested in the camp. A number of the camp’s organising board members will be there to share what information they have at this early stage of planning and to hear your ideas. You can find the joining link for the webinar here which will be hosted on Zoom.

This session will be recorded and made available for those who were not able to attend. There will be more of these meetings as the planning progresses. 

Camp 100 Co-ordinator, Jack Brown says:

“As a young member, attending international camps was transformative. It has given me friends for life and broadened my sense of the possible. I am very excited to work with a brilliant team to organise a camp for all the children and young people of Woodcraft and our sister organisations to give them the same wonderful experience.”

Woodcraft Folk look forward to bringing more camp updates to you soon and celebrating with you in 2025!

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the camp, please get in touch at

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