Information for local treasurers (treasurers hub)

On this page you'll find links to guidance and resources for treasurers.

Don't hesitate to contact Folk Office if you have any questions ( We want to hear from you, particularly if:

  • you need help finding a treasurer for your group or district
  • you're an experienced treasurer who might be willing to mentor a treasurer with less experience
  • you think you might benefit from being mentored by a more experienced treasurer


Groop - new online group management system

Click here for more information on the new online group management system, Groop. Groop can help with a number of tasks including payments for local group nights and events.

Treasurer's Handbook

Woodcraft Folk's Treasurer's Handbook can be found here. The Handbook sets out rules, responsibilities information and tips.

Claiming Gift Aid

You can find information here to help with claiming Gift Aid.

Annual Financial Return

Click here for information about the Annual Financial Return.

Budgeting tool

Click here to go to a budgeting tool.

Keeping records

These resources should help you keep financial records throughout the year.


Check out the following webinars for more information on the treasurer role.

FAQs for treasurers

FAQs for treasurers can be found here.

Treasurers Newsletters

An archive of editions of the Treasurers Newsletter can be found here.

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