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Treasurer’s Handbook


This handbook is designed to help you keep track of the finances of your Group or District and make sure you fulfil the financial responsibilities that come with being part of the Woodcraft Folk.

The handbook should be read and understood by the treasurer (or equivalent responsible person) of any Woodcraft Folk Group/District. It may also be of interest to Group leaders and other volunteers.

About the Handbook

The Handbook is divided into sections covering financial issues that you might expect to encounter in your District/Group.

For the rest of the handbook, when the word District is used, it should be read to mean Group too, unless otherwise specified.

The handbook includes a number of obligations. You can identify an obligation by the use of the words ‘must’ or ‘must not’ in the point. Recommendations of good practice can be identified by the use of ‘should’ or ‘should not’.

All advice and guidelines in this document are in line with the Woodcraft Folk’s Financial Principles and Policies document, available on request from Folk House.

You can download the handbook in PDF format from this page, or access the online version. Alternatively you can use the links below to navigate directly to key sections of the document:


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