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General Council Nov update

Woodcraft Folk’s Trustees met at Darsham Country Centre in mid-November to review the organisation’s financial sustainability, progress against the strategic plan and future ambitions for its centre network. Please see a quick video update below

The meeting also welcomed new Trustees elected at the AGM in August and nominated by the DF network in September, including Stuart from Newham who described the meeting as “quality’ after taking part in discussions and decision making.

Trustees went on to celebrate the recent relaunch of the Friends of the Folk supporters scheme and Trade Union affiliates, both of which are resulting in an increase in unrestricted income. For more information contact 

Trustees also heard from Felix Pepler, Head of Centres, who shared the general success of the centres network:

  • The centre network meeting its income targets for 2023
  • Hosting of the New to Nature trainee and ESC volunteers
  • Biblins being awarded an Adventurous Activities Licence
  • New partnership agreement with Free to Be Kids
  • Hosting of Venturer Camp
  • National Lottery funded renovation work at Cudham
  • Lockerbrook now being fully staffed, after experiencing 9 months of staff vacancies

And finally, during the meeting Trustees allocated key governance roles:

  • Aggie Taylor, Chair
  • Roland Susman, Treasurer
  • Stuart Walker, Lead Trustee for Staffing
  • Nadia Asri, Lead Trustee for Safeguarding
  • Edmund Moriarty, Lead Trustee for Health & Safety
  • Thomas Boxall, Lead Trustee for Membership & Programmes
  • Spike Asri & Joe Bailey, Lead Trustee for Centres & Campsites
  • Niamh Steyaert-Hernon, Height Gate Centre link
  • Paul Nolan-Paley, Lockerbrook Centre link
  • Eedie Baker-Thompason, Cudham Centre link
  • Esme Thompson, Biblins Centre link
  • Tyler Eckersall, Standing Orders Committee link

For more information about the Trustee Board visit our website or email 

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