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International friendship – we cry peace to all living things

Protect the children of Israel and Palestine

The current attacks in Israel and Palestine are putting children at risk and are contravening the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child:

  • All children have the right to life (Article 6) 
  • Governments should do all that they can to protect children from violence (Article 19)
  • Governments to do everything they can to protect and care for children affected by war and armed conflicts (Article 38)

We call for peace, co-operation and a commitment to internationalism which seeks to safeguard and protect children, young people and other civilians regardless of their ethnicity or religion.

Common Ground

In the summer of 2022, Woodcraft Folk hosted an international camp which included young people and youth organisations from Israel and Palestine. The event celebrated diversity and co-operation, bringing together 2,700 campers from 22 countries for music, games, workshops and friendship. 

We were fortunate to be joined by 12 young people from the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, who shared their love of music with young people from across Europe, South America, Africa, India and the Middle East.

Less than 15 months later these young people, and others, find themselves in the heart of conflict and war. 

Our young members are understandably concerned, fearful and worried about what is happening to the friends they made at camp. 

At our groups meetings

Our volunteer teams are supporting our young members as they respond to news stories and social media reports, answering their questions and facilitating discussions on:

  • Peace, remembrance
  • Peaceful solutions to conflict
  • Social media & propaganda
  • Mental wellbeing and healthy responses to trauma and conflict
  • Influencing decision makers and social action

In 2022, Woodcraft Folk joined other international organisations in the Peace Communicators project which produced an educational toolkit.

Other group night activities ideas can be found here

Woodcraft Folk’s educational principles include:

  • International Friendship: Our motto is ‘Span the world with friendship’. We will therefore encourage and develop international understanding and friendship through our educational work and by our exchanges between children and young people of different lands. We will promote a greater understanding of the world amongst our members so that they are aware of the inequalities which exist in it.
  • Children’s Rights: In every aspect of our work we respect and defend the rights of all children and young people, and support them to recognise and take action when those rights are threatened.
  • A world at Peace: Our international outlook and concern that all shall enjoy the right to freedom from the immorality of war and want, Woodcraft Folk is dedicated to the cause of peace.

If you have any questions regarding Woodcraft Folk’s statement, please contact Debs McCahon, Woodcraft Folk’s Chief Executive or Aggie, Taylor, Woodcraft Folk’s Chair 

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