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The Pioneers should position themselves on a line between ‘agree’ and ‘disagree’ according to their opinion about various issues. Read out the statements one by one and ask the participants to stand on the ‘agree’ side of the line or the ‘disagree’ side. After each statement ask the Pioneers why they are standing where they are and initiate a short discussion on each point.


  • There’s nothing we can do about climate change, it’s irreversible so we may as well continue living as we always have.
  • The most important thing is to develop low energy technologies. If effort was put into developing these, we could all continue to live as we do now.
  • We all need to radically change our lifestyles to reverse climate change.
  • Shoppers cannot change the way goods are made.
  • If we don’t spend our money on one thing, we’ll spend it on another.
  • Live simply so others may simply live.
  • I often follow what others do rather than be different because of something I believe in, because it’s easier that way.
  • It’s easy to live your life according to your beliefs.
  • I don’t wear fair trade clothes because they don’t make clothes that I like.
  • I need my bank to give me a good interest rate; it’s not my responsibility to check how they invest my money.
  • It’s okay to take money from rich people and give it to poor people.
  • Those who have more choices need to take responsibility for the planet by consuming less.
  • If I recycle more, switch off lights and don’t take long-haul flights, I’ve done my bit for climate change.

Briefly discuss which questions everyone agreed on and why. On which questions was there disagreement? Why?

Resources Required

Mark one side of the room / space as ‘agree’ and the other side as ‘disagree’


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