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Viewing from another perspective


This activity supports the concept that people perceive situations differently and can see different things from different angles. This is a good chance for young people to describe their own point of view and listen to others.

Select a simple object, such as:

  • An open book
  • A shoe
  • A mug
  • An open packet of biscuits
  • An open bag filled with different things

Give out paper and pencils and ask the Pioneers to sketch the object from different perspectives (for example, from above, below, far away, and close-up).

Allow everyone to look at each others pictures. Ask them to examine the views of the object from these different perspectives:

  • What is different?
  • What is the same?
  • What can’t be seen from certain perspectives?
  • What do you think you saw that others may not have seen?
  • Did it surprise you what anyone else noticed?

Resources Required

a simple object to draw


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