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Reusing – Making Musical Instruments


Explain that it takes a lot of energy to make things like plastic, so it’s good to find ways to recycle things that are used, or find new ways to use them. Say that today everyone will be making musical instruments with used objects.

Break into groups and explain that the idea is to make musical instruments with different items and see how different they each sound. The group make a musical instrument for everyone.

They are then tasked with writing a song about reusing and recycling and playing a musical accompaniment. Listen to everyone’s song.

Circletime Discussion Points

  • What can we all do to save energy?
  • What other things can be reused / recycled?

Resources Required

Washed out bottles, tubs with lids, jars etc. Dried peas, pasta, coffee and anythingthat would make a good noise such as two pieces of wood, corrugated card, pencils, paper.


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