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Protecting Nature


This game represents the ‘fight’ between people who pollute and people who are protecting nature.

Before you start

Make around 40 paper balls out of rolled up old newspaper or scrap paper.

What to do

Make a circle on the floor with the rope or string. This is the lake. Put the paper balls in the lake.

Divide the group into two teams.

One is standing in the pond (protecting), the other is outside (polluting).

When you say “Start!” the team in the middle must throw the balls from the lake as soon as possible whilst the team on the outside have to throw the balls back.

Say, “Stop!” after one minute. The team who has more balls on its side loses. Change the teams round.

To make it more real you can make the team of ‘polluters’ bigger

Resources Required

About 40 paper balls of rolled up old newspaper; a rope or string about five metres long.


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