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Points Down


This is a very simple game which needs someone to lead the activity and rest of the group to be the players.

The leader then tells the group that there are only nine parts of the body can touch the floor:

  • two hands,
  • two elbows,
  • two knees,
  • two feet,
  • one forehead.

What to do

Start off by getting into pairs.

The leader calls out a number and pairs have to quickly arrange themselves so that they have that number of contacts with the floor. For example, if the number nine is called, a possible combination for a pair of players would be four feet, four hands and one forehead on the floor. If the leader calls the number one, one player would need to pick up the other and then stand on one leg!


After a few rounds in pairs, try it in threes, fours and larger groups if you want. You could even do it as a whole group, requiring all the Venturers to work together to respond to much higher numbers.

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