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Pizza Food Miles


Ask parents to supply foods from their cupboards that can go on a pizza. Make sure the food arrives in a packet or box that displays the country of origin. Allow for home produce too.

The children use their preferred ingredients. Then they make a chart of each pizza’s ingredients and how many miles the food has travelled, using the atlas to figure this out.

Rather than cook them on site, the children can take their pizza home to cook.

Circletime Discussion Points

  • Whose pizza came from furthest away?
  • Which ingredient came from furthest away?
  • How do our ingredients get to this country?
  • What does that do to the environment?
  • Who do you think made these foods?
  • How can we reduce our food miles?


Make a cardboard pizza picture using a circle of card to represent the pizza base and then cut out from packets pictures of the ingredients you would use to make a pizza…then work out food miles.


Consider food allergies and cultural sensitivities such as the use of ham.

The group might think about covering the cost of the ingredients.

Resources Required

Paper plates, a 6” pizza base for each child, paper and a pen, an atlas or worldmap, and a ruler or something to measure with, somewhere to wash hands.


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