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Divide into groups.

Using a variety of magazines and newspapers, cut out as many different pictures and clippings as you can find about young people to make a quick collage in each group. Allow about 20-30 minutes for this.

When all the groups are finished with their collages, pin them all on the wall for everyone else to see.

As a group, discuss the messages that the images and clippings in the collages give about young people.

  • Are they negative or positive?
  • What sorts of themes – for example, clothes or behaviour – do they convey?
  • Are these images realistic?
  • Are there any groups of young people not represented in the collages?
  • How do you think older people might describe young people? Where do they get these ideas from?
  • As young people, how would you like to be seen?

Resources Required

old newspapers and magazines


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