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Giant’s Garden


  • Choose someone to be a “giant” and someone to be the “dog”.
  • The children stand along one wall of the room.
  • The giant and the dog kneel at the other side of the room facing the wall.
  • The flowers are scattered around a few feet behind the giant and the dog.
  • The children try to sneak up behind the giant and the dog and attempt to steal their flowers back and run back to the safety of their wall.
  • The children are only allowed to steal one flower at a time and once they reach safety they must remain there until everyone else gets back or is caught.
  • The giant meanwhile is asleep as is the dog, however, as soon as the dog hears any sound it counts up to 5 or 10 (depending on the size of the room) silently, and then barks.
  • At this point, the giant awakes and chases the group back.
  • If the giant or the dog catches any of the children, they must remain in the giant’s den.
  • People can be freed, by being tug by some of the other children.

Special Notes

In this game the Evil Giant has stolen all the flowers from the Children’s Garden (crepe paper or paper) and has scattered them around his/her own garden. The children have to try and get the flowers back.

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