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Endangered Species Modelling


Pass round the pictures of the various endangered species and tell the children a little bit about them.

Let the children pick which animal they are each going to make a model of, though don’t make them tell the others at the start, as sometimes the model can become something else as they work.

Put on the background noises while the children work. Anyone who finishes before the others can make another animal.

Circletime Discussion Points

  • Have the children tell the others what they have made a model of. Do they know of any creatures that have become extinct?
  • Why are some creatures becoming extinct?
  • Do they think humans could ever become extinct?


WWF Endangered Species


The models may be painted another week

Resources Required

Pictures of endangered species and some background information, grey modelling clay, tools such as plastic knife, old comb etc, CD with animal/whale noises and something to play it on (optional), somewhere to wash hands, newspaper for the floor.


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