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Egg drop challenge


This is an old favourite that gets small teams of Venturers working together on a challenge – to drop a raw egg from a height without it breaking.

It doesn’t need much preparation, except for a good store of materials.

What to do

Divide into teams of about 3-4 people. Give each team a set of materials and tell them that they can use them in any way they like to prevent the egg from breaking when it’s dropped. Some may pack the egg in soft wrappings, while others may make a parachute or a multi-layered ‘crumple- zone’ to cushion the impact.

Allow at least 30-45 minutes for groups to design and make their devices before everyone stops to test them by dropping them one at a time and assessing the damage to the eggs.


One group recommends adding a twist. Instead of giving out materials to each group at the beginning, give out amounts of Monopoly money and lists of available materials with prices beside each. The groups then have to plan ahead, prioritise and decide what they want from the materials ‘shop’.

Resources Required

An egg for each team, groundsheet or newspaper to protect the floor from broken eggs, a selection of craft and scrap materials such as: paper, card, straws, bubble-wrap, sticky tape, cotton wool, fabric, bin-bags, string, disposable cups, cardboard tubes, foam etc. You’ll also need to identify somewhere to drop the eggs from quite a height, such as a balcony in a school hall, a first floor window or from the top of a step ladder.


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