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Dragon Procession


Have a discussion about Chinese New Year

  • What year is it right now?
  • What year were the elfins born in?
  • How do people celebrate the new year?

Split into two groups to make dragons the group could get inside, with each group decorating a cardboard box head and a sheet for the body.

They then use the musical instruments to work out a rhythm, and decide which of their group will be the dragon, and which will play the instruments. They then perform this to the other group.

Circletime Discussion Points:

  • How do we celebrate New Year in this country?
  • Why do people celebrate New Year?

Resources Required

Old sheets, 2 cardboard boxes, scissors, colouring pens, fabric crayons, scraps of coloured paper or material, glue, paper streamers, musical instruments (possibly those made in the reusing activity), background information on Chinese New Year (see under International in Resources section).


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