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Diversity Challenge


Set some tasks for the children to find out about their group.

Examples might be who…

  • Is the tallest and smallest (which can be measured by getting everyone into height order)
  • Can speak a language other than English and how do you say hello in that language
  • Has the longest hair
  • Has the biggest feet
  • Is the youngest
  • Has a party piece they can do
  • Has been to another country
  • Has the most brothers and sisters

Leave it up to the children to figure out how best to find these things out.

Get the children to think up another couple of questions and find out the answers.

Circletime Discussion Points

  • Did anyone find out something they didn’t know about someone else?
  • Encourage the children to think about being different.
  • Did they find out that everyone is different from everyone else and everyone has something special about them?
  • Do they think it would be a good thing if everyone was the same? Or is it more fun having everyone be different?

Resources Required

Paper and pens or pencils


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