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Co-operative Chairs


Begin with a classic game of ‘Musical Chairs’, by arranging a circle of chairs, with the chairs facing outwards. Alternatively, you could use newspaper pages, arranged on the floor in a circle.

Play the music and ask the group to dance around the chairs/newspaper pages. Tell everyone that when the music stops, they should quickly find a seat. The second time, remove one chair.

When one person has nowhere to sit, challenge the group to find a way for everyone to have a seat. People can sit on each other’s laps, stand on the rungs connecting chair legs, or squeeze next to someone else on the same seat.

Continue with a few successive rounds in which an additional chair is removed each time. It will get more and more difficult. Every time the group accommodates someone who would normally be excluded in a traditional game of Musical Chairs, compliment them on their creativity!

At the end explain that you changed the rules to be more inclusive. In this game people were not deliberately excluded. Instead the aim was to co-operate together to ensure that as many people as possible could ‘win’ each time.

Resources Required

Chairs (one per person) or newspaper pages, CD or tape


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