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Climate Refugees


  1. To prepare, copy one complete set of the picture cards for each group and cut them out. Put the copies of each picture in the same envelope and hide the envelopes around the space.
    • Copy Aziza and Phil’s stories, one for each group).
  2. Split into two or three smaller groups. Then, explain to participants that they will have to find envelopes with hidden pictures.
  3. From each envelope they should take one picture.
    • All pictures belong to a picture story about a child.
  4. When they have found all eight pictures, they should put them in the right order and create a story about the child based on the pictures.
  5. Come back together and ask each group to share their story.
  6. Compare the stories with Samha’s story below, and discuss with the group:
    • What did you base your story on?
    • Did the pictures remind you of anything you have heard about? Was your story close to the refugee story?
  7. Explain that the characters are invented, but that some islanders in the Maldives have really had to leave their homes.
  8. Divide into two groups (or four if you have a large number of participants), and give each group either Aziza’s story or Phil’s story (below) and ask them to create their own picture story based on the text.

Take it further

Ask groups to share their own picture stories and discuss:

  • What did you think of the stories? How did they make you feel?
  • Why do you think the families in the stories had to leave their homes?

Lead into a discussion about why the environment of the families has changed. Make it clear that this is because of human-made climate change, caused by high greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide.

  • Who do you think are the biggest greenhouse gas emitters?
  • Is it fair that these three families had to flee from their homes? Why? / Why not?
  • Do you think the same could happen in your country?
  • What can be done to prevent that more people become climate refugees?

Resources Required

Picture Cards, Eight envelopes, Pens & paper


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