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Children in Charge


Children in charge is a great way to give some extra responsibility to some of the older members of your group.

Planning and Preparation

Two or three weeks is a good amount of time to prepare. Choose two or three of the older Elfins. Tell them they will be running the session in a few weeks and ask them to come up with activities and games to fill the session.

Leaders could support them in thinking through the outline of a session and what they might need to prepare in advance.

Circletime Discussion Points:

After the activity has taken place ask the group:

  • How did it feel to have children in charge?
  • What are the responsibilities of being in charge?
  • How did the children in charge feel?


Have a back-up plan just in case things don’t run for the right amount of time.


It’s great for young people to meet older young people from their area or region. Perhaps invite local pioneers or venturers from another group. This will encourage links and for the children to think beyond their group experience.

Resources Required

Whatever the children need


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