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Ball Toss


This game is helpful in learning each other’s names.

What to do

Get the group into a circle, an arm’s length apart.

Begin by tossing a ball to a Pioneer. Say the name of the Pioneer as you throw the ball. When they catch the ball, the second person then throws the ball to a third person and also states their name. Each Pioneer must catch and pass the ball only once, until everyone has touched the ball. The ball must be returned to the leader to complete the circle.

Practise this order a few times to ensure everyone knows where they is throwing. Once the ball has travelled the complete circle, start it going around again, with the option of adding another ball. As the group improves, challenge them to throw the ball around the circle as quickly as possible. There are many options for this activity. It can range from trying to throw the ball once around the circle without dropping it to a goal of several balls in a certain number of seconds.

After each complete round, give the group time to discuss ways to be more successful and reduce their time. Often, groups will devise the solution of changing their order so they can simply pass the balls from one person to the next.

Resources Required

Balls of various sizes


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