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Woodcraft Folk participants travel to Slovenia for E-mpACT programme

Between the 3 – 8 October two participants from Woodcraft Folk travelled to Slovenia to take part in the E-mpACT project training 

The E-mpACT project is led by IFM-SEI and is a three-year project focusing on addressing the youth needs during and post covid-19 pandemic, addressing digitalization, non-formal education and international solidarity. E-mpACT aims to raise awareness in youth work by examining the pandemic’s impact on non-formal education and international solidarity. The project involves young people/youth partners from 8 countries and 4 continents.

During the trip the participants took part in workshops about ‘what makes the perfect trainer?’ looking at online and offline qualities of different methods of facilitation and what resources trainers need to be the best trainers. The group also discussed digital activism and promoting causes through certain platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter etc. Woodcraft Folk participants were especially interested in hearing about promoting calls for environmental change through different online mediums. The participants had a chance to share their own experiences of online youth work, this differs across the world and the participants were engaged in hearing about other people’s stories and experiences. 

As well as exploring online youth work the participants took part in an intercultural evening where every organisation brought something to share from their culture. Woodcraft Folk participants created an activity where everyone was able to make their own victoria sponge cupcakes as a classic take on the UK snack.

“ we got to try lots of different foods such as Slovenian apple slices and Norwegian chocolate” – Mickey Lowe, Woodcraft Folk participant.

The group were also able to explore Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana.

“I enjoyed learning the differences and similarities between the IFM-SEI groups – different aims and principles and histories and how IFM is growing” – Mickey Lowe, Woodcraft Folk participant

“My highlight was being surrounded by so many empowered and motivating people with such valid opinions about the cause. It made me feel how powerful WCF can be in the future” – Eliza, Woodcraft Folk participant

Next steps of the project include two more participants from Woodcraft Folk attending a methodology research weekend in Berlin in November. Once this has happened, the E-mpACT Team from Woodcraft Folk will come together and work on developing national training for young leaders as well as finding a place for online youth work as a valuable tool of engaging with young people and bringing them brilliant experiences.  

Check out the E-mpACT webpage to find out more about the project

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