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New ESC volunteer arrives at Woodcraft Folk

Youth organisation Woodcraft Folk are excited to be welcoming Sara to the team.

Sara, 26, is the charity’s newest ESC volunteer who joins from Italy and will be based at Woodcraft Folk’s Cudham Environmental Centre located in Kent before moving onto their Biblins Centre in Wales and will support with the running of both centres as well as helping with delivering sessions to young people at residentials.

Sara was born in Milan and in spent much time in Italy where she lived in several cities including Trento and Pescara working as a social worker, educator and nursery teacher.

Sara says:

“I chose to apply as a volunteer for Woodcraft Folk because it reflects my values and principles such as: social solidarity, cooperation, non-judgment, acceptance of other cultures and environmental sustainability. In short, an integral development of the human person. I think this is possible only through the education of young adults and children.

As an Italian pedagogist and social worker, these are the ideals that I pursue and that Woodcraft Folk allows me to deepen and put into practice. I’m grateful and glad that that youth charity gives me this opportunity.”

Woodcraft Folk is part of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteering programme which is managed by the European Commission. As part of the programme, Woodcraft Folk have hosted many volunteers from the EU over the years including the Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain and Italy.

ECS volunteers have been vital at carrying out essential work at Woodcraft Folk from helping to run international camps to delivering community programmes and the organisation are so thankful for their support and enjoy watching the volunters skills develop and characters grow during their time with them.

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