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Woodcraft Folk collaborates with Peace Pledge Union to deliver a peace themed activity pack this Remembrance

Youth organisation and co-op Woodcraft Folk and charity, Peace Pledge Union, have launched an educational activity pack and white poppy wreath kit focusing on the subject of peace to align with Remembrance Day.

The pack seeks to educate young people about white poppies which the Peach Pledge Union work to annually promote in the lead up to Remembrance Day. The charity is one of the UK’s longest-running pacifist organisations, focusing on peace education and resisting everyday militarism in communities.

White poppies were first produced in 1933, 90 years ago this year, by the Co-operative Women’s Guild, made up largely of women who had lost their husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and friends in the first world war. They were troubled by the growing militarisation of remembrance events and campaigned for peace. White poppies been worn ever since as a symbol of remembrance for all victims of war and a commitment to peace.

Programme Manager, Woodcraft Folk Lauren Karstadt says:

“With Remembrance Day around the corner, it’s an important time to focus on issues around war and memory, as well as the need to build a more peaceful future. We are really pleased to bring you this update in collaboration with the Peace Pledge Union. The Peace Pledge Union is one of the UK’s longest-running pacifist organisations, promoting peace education and resisting everyday militarism in our communities. The launched activity pack and wreath kit really aligns with Woodcraft Folk’s values of wanting to build a more peaceful world, where all enjoy freedom from war and want as well as one of our mottos of spanning the world with friendship. Through our work we explore the causes of conflict and promote positive alternatives to violence.”

Every year, wreaths of white poppies are laid at alternative remembrance ceremonies around the UK and the world. Alongside the activity pack, Woodcraft Folk and Peace Pledge Union have created a White Poppy Wreath Kit intended for youth groups, individuals and families who would like to create their own wreath for a remembrance ceremony. Woodcraft Folk groups get a discount to receive a free kit as part of the collaboration. The kit contains 25 white poppies, wire and a wreath support. The poppies included in the kit are plastic free and biodegradable but will survive outside for several weeks.

Those who order a kit will also receive the activity pack that aims to inspire and prompt discussions around peace and Remembrance Day and the meaning and history of the white poppy.

Peace Pledge Union says:

“the activities encourage reflection and discussion on themes surrounding remembrance and white poppies. They are designed for a wide range of age groups.”

To order a pack head here Woodcraft Folk groups are being asked to check their emails for info on how to access the discount offer for the wreath kit and activity pack.

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