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Span the World with Friendship – Call for Papers

Once again Woodcraft Folk is working with colleagues at UCL to reflect on Woodcraft Folk’s impact on children and young people through it’s international work.

As part of Woodcraft Folk centenary preparations the Institute of Education will be hosting a symposium in which it hopes to reflect on Woodcraft Folk’s engagement with the International Falcon Movement, the Peace movement and Anti-apartheid activity.

The event will aim to examine the nature of Woodcraft Folk’s internationalist outlook and the ideologies and movements that influenced the changing nature and focus of its international links, camps and exchanges . The symposium will also aim to address Woodcraft Folk’s international campaigns and the impact this had on its broader educational approach including themes for group night activities. Woodcraft Folk’s relationship to the peace movement and particularly the debates around the extent to which it should have been a pacifist organisation could be areas to be explored. 

At this time the organising group are seeking proposals from individuals who wish to present at the event, we wish to hear from those with an interest in:

  • The International Falcon Movement
  • International pop culture
  • International social movements
  • Young people and political action

If you are interested in presenting, please send an abstract of up to 400 words of your proposal by February 1st, 2022, to Doug Bourn at the Institute of Education, University College London. For more information please contact  

The event will be open to members of the public, academics and those with an interest in international youth work. Further details about the event will be circulated in February.

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