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Over 2022 Woodcraft Folk is received grant funding from the Jack Petchey Foundation to support groups to rebuild following COVID disruptions. The project aimed to reignite and rebuild Woodcraft Folk groups and activities in London following the disruption caused by COVID which saw groups close and loss of volunteers.

The Reignite project was delivered over 2022 and targetted groups and Districts in the following London Boroughs:

  • Croydon,
  • Hammersmith & Fulham,
  • Merton,
  • Southwark
  • Wandsworth

The project team worked with existing and past volunteers as well as recruiting new volunteers to lead groups, attend leader training and network with new and old venues for group meetings. The project saw Development Officer deliver outreach sessions in schools and attend local events as well as deliver many taster sessions in target areas.

We are proud to have reopened our Peckham Elfins group (for young people age 6-10) and White City Elfin and Pioneers.

If you are interested in being part of a rebuilt Woodcraft Folk group in any of the listed areas get in touch to

For more information or to get involved contact:

Latest Reignite News

Screenshot 2022-11-10 155558
As part of the Reignite project, funded by Jack Petchey Foundation, Woodcraft Folk’s Development Officer...
Woodcraft Folk is delighted to receive grant funding from the Jack Petchey Foundation to support...

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