Woodcraft Folk Privacy Policy

Below is Woodcraft Folk's Privacy Policy available for download

As part of its activities Woodcraft Folk makes use of personal information about its members, employees, volunteers, donors, customers and others.

Woodcraft Folk recognises the importance of using personal and sensitive data in an appropriate way and protecting the person who the information belongs, and complying with data protection law in doing so.

This policy sets out what data we collect about different categories of individual engaging with Woodcraft Folk and how we use it. This policy should be read alongside our Data Protection Policy (https://woodcraft.org.uk/data-protection-policy) which sets out Woodcraft Folk’s approach to protecting data, and provides guidance to members, staff and volunteers on how to deal with any personal or sensitive information they handle as part of their roles.

If you have any queries about our Privacy policy document, please contact the Woodcraft Folk office on 020 7703 4173 or data@woodcraft.org.uk.

This policy is to be reviewed February 2022. 

Woodcraft Folk Privacy Policy - updated Feb 2020 .pdf176.12 KB