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For over 95 years Woodcraft Folk has supported our young members to celebrate and question the world around them. We support young people to participate, take the lead, and take action to bring about the change they wish to see in their communities and globally. The right to protest for human rights and social justice is key to their empowerment and we believe that the current #PolicingBill undermines this cornerstone of democracy. 

Woodcraft Folk asks that the public and MPs are given more time to review the bill to ensure it protects our freedoms and does not grant the Police further powers to threaten peaceful protest. Contact your MP now, calling on them to urgently halt the rushed passage of the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill.

Woodcraft Folk has joined youth and civil society organisations in calling on government to rethink the policing bill, which could seriously impact our right to peaceful protest.

Large group of children with a homepainted woodcraft folk banner at a climate demonstration

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