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Dream Our G-Local Movement

Woodcraft Folk joined members of the International Falcon Movement to explore inclusion and diversity as part of European  project.

The main aim  of the Dream our G-LOCAL project is to reflect on our own practices regarding accessibility and inclusion and find ways to improve our movement. Together with other organisations working with underserved youth and children, we will support a young generation of youth workers to develop accessible and inclusive approaches to engage in youth work locally, nationally and internationally.

More specifically, the main objectives of the project are:

  1. Identify the ways in which youth work is inaccessible and exclusionary to marginalised youth on local, national and international levels by identifying whose voices are not represented and the reason that it is difficult to engage and retain volunteers from marginalised and underserved communities.
  2. Strengthen collaborations and partnerships between youth organisations to share good practices across the sector and promote inclusive and sustainable youth engagement.
  3. Deliver a training to young people that builds an understanding of the relevance of local activism in addressing global issues and enable youth to facilitate global to local activities.
  4. Support young people in implementing a g-local campaign to widen their organisational reach to engage underserved youth
  5. Deliver a capacity building workshop to develop and publish a creative toolkit on accessible and inclusive g-local volunteering

The first two days of the project have resulted in a series of checklists helping organisations to assess how inclusive they are and how they can improve access to their events and projects. the next stage (22nd & 23rd May) will involve a consultation with young people (aged 16-30 years. If you would like to represent Woodcraft Folk please contact

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