Setting up a new group

Woodcraft Folk is keen to support new and existing volunteers to set up new groups across the country. We currently have an ambition to expand the number of groups by 10%, reaching into new communities.

If you're interested in setting up a new group, please contact the Membership & Groups Officer on 020 7703 4173 or

If you would like to set up a group or be linked up with other individuals in your area use the online form to express interest. 

If you're a collection of volunteers who have begun your new group journey and wish to register your interest with central office and receive new group support from our staff you can complete and return the 'Intention to set up a Woodcraft Folk group' form

If your group has agreed the date for its first group night and is ready to formally register with Woodcraft's central office, you can download the new group registration form

In the meantime, there is a wealth of resources and support available:

New group journey

The new group journey has two components: 

Each section takes you through the necessary steps to setting up a new group, with signposts along the way to aditional guidance, a selection of which is outlined below. 

Frequently asked questions

Chances are, someone's already asked your burning question. Check out the FAQs for new groups


There's a variety of training options available - check the training page for more details. 

Peer support

Sometimes the best way to learn is to speak to someone doing a similar role. Ask on the facebook group, within your district or contact folk office to find someone to answer your questions. You can also request a new group buddy.

Outreach and publicity guidance

Find guidance for: 

Volunteer recruitment and support

The volunteer toolkit is crammed full of advice and guidance for groups wishing to recruit and support volunteers. 

And here's some aditional volunteer recruitment guidance

Admin and paperwork

Download our list of recommended documents to print out and take to group each week. 

Programme Planning

Information about outcomes for children and young people, and suggstions for activities to help acheive these, can be found in our outcomes matrix.

Finance and Fundraising

Dowload the group budget tool to help you calculate the costs of running your group. This will help you decide how much you need to charge for young people to attend your group, and what funds you'll have to raise from elsewhere. Woodcraft Folk is commited to supporting groups and districts raise funds. Check out the funding page for advice, guidance and support. 

New group case studies 

New group starter pack.pdf2.95 MB
Elfin Essential Kit List 2011.pdf79.21 KB
Group Venue Checklist 2011.pdf86.68 KB
Growing Groups group night activity.pdf220.03 KB
Group Budget Tool.xls48 KB