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Trustees elect new Chair

Woodcraft Folk’s Board of Trustees has elected a new Chair to steer the organisation through the year ahead.

Aggie Taylor, age 24, from Cambridge district, will become Chair of General Council on 20 November. She will succeed Pip Sayers, who has been Chair since 2018. Aggie has been a trustee of Woodcraft Folk since 2020, and is currently Vice Chair. She has been working closely with the current Chair to set agendas, review practice and promote inclusion at every level in Woodcraft Folk’s work.

Image shows Aggie smiling towards the camera, dressed in a pale pink business suit.

“I am very excited to have been selected as the next Chair of General Council,” said Aggie following her election. “I am very grateful to Pip and the rest of the Board for their encouragement and support as I take this step. I am looking forward to working with the other trustees, Debs and all the staff to ensure that our groups, activities, projects and decision-making are inclusive and accessible to our young members.”

Woodcraft Folk’s General Council expressed its thanks to Pip for his time, dedication and commitment to leading the Board through one of the most challenging times in Woodcraft Folk’s history. As the Board moved to meeting online at the start of the pandemic, his commitment to inclusive facilitation was particularly valuable in maintaining a strong culture of co-operative working among Trustees. Pip remains a member of the Board and represents the Trustees on the committee of Height Gate Outdoor Centre.

Woodcraft Folk’s Chair of Trustees can be contacted by emailing

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