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Happy Retirement Chris!

Chris Sturgeon, Biblins Campsite Assistant, is preparing for his retirement at the end of October. The whole Woodcraft Folk team (staff, volunteers & site guests) wish him well.

To show how much his contribution is appreciated and what a valued team member he has been, a special edition of the Warden’s Diaries has been produced.

Chris is a long-term volunteer at Cheltenham Woodcraft Folk. He joined the staff team at Biblins when Woodcraft Folk took over management of the site in Spring 2018. During his time at Biblins Chris has been instrumental in setting up booking systems and recruiting volunteers to support activity on site. He has also got his hands dirty, wet, oily and many other things. 

Chris has had an eventful time at Biblins, his first week saw the Beast from the East hit the site and pipes freeze. Since then we have experienced severe flooding and COVID disruptions. Despite all of these challenges site improvements have taken place and Chris has been at the heart of that!

When Woodcraft Folk took over the site it was in need of some TLC, there was only one washing up sink across the 20 acres and the site was powered by a smelly diesel generator. Since then everything has been cleaned, painted (repeatedly) with huge improvements in general site maintenance.

Chris has also contributed to the installation of the Power Pod (solar power trailer) introduction of Camp Koodoo (semi-permanent camp) and additional washing up stations.

Mike Lawrence (Biblins, site coordinator) said ” a huge thank you to Chris for his hard work, support and commitment to the site. I will miss our regular chats, even those that happen when they are supposed to be having a day off. Chris has worked above and beyond his paid hours in order to help make a success of Biblins. All on site hope he can now enjoy the rest in retirement that he deserves.

All at Biblins will miss Chris on site. He has demonstrated that he can turn his hand to many things, can fix what is believed to be the unfixable and also tells a good yarn. We all wish him the best during his retirement and hope to see him socially around a campfire soon.

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