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March for Action on Climate Change in Brighton

On Saturday 6 November 2021 all Woodcraft Folk’s groups from Brighton Central and Hove district came together to march for action on climate change.

The district had decided it was important to have a presence on the march, and so posters were prepared the previous week by young members and volunteer alike. Venturers (age 14) Annie and Connie noted ‘It was important to us’ to take part in the Global Day of Action against climate change.

On the day members of Brighton Central and Hove district gathered with many more in the centre of Brighton and were glad that they had the Woodcraft flag so that people could find them easily.

Some Venturers managed to get to the very front of the march, and were asked to help hold the banner there. ‘It was great being there and fighting for something we are passionate about’ Elsa said.

The march threaded its way through Brighton and along the seafront to Hove. Taking non-violent action in this way really helped to strengthen resolve to keep going, and this quote from Josie (Venturer) says it all. “I’m really glad I went and that our voices are heard, and I hope people will listen and do something about it”

Huge thanks to Mahlangu Venturers for their quotes and pictures!

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