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Charity Giving Month

December is Charity Giving Month and Woodcraft Folk have been reflecting on the importance and generosity of their financial supporters. 

Donations and gifts have helped protect Woodcraft Folk through the financial challenges of Covid-19 and will continue to support the work of members and volunteers as they look to the future. 

The donations Woodcraft Folk received this year included three legacies, one of which was from Roger Pickering, who passed away 1 October 2020.  Roger was most at home sitting around a campfire, listening to others and gently guiding young people. He was committed to giving children and young people opportunities to camp and to participate in international activities. Woodcraft Folk Trustees have decided to invest some of his legacy to support children and young people to attend Common Ground (visit the Common Ground website to find out more about the Roger Pickering Common Ground Solidarity Fund).

Roger Pickering

General Council (board of trustees) have also decided to use some of Roger’s legacy to invest in Woodcraft Folk’s centres (including a new bathroom at Heightgate and decarbonisation activity at Lockerbrook) and to support financial sustainability and to spread Woodcraft Folk’s reach. 

Woodcraft Folk is incredibly lucky to have benefited from other generous donations during the pandemic period from both friends and members, including through the #DreamBigAtHome campaign. 

“We are incredibly grateful for the legacies and donations Woodcraft has received. Without these, and without the efforts of you, our members and volunteers, Woodcraft Folk could not continue its work supporting young people to shape our world and their future.” – Debs Mccahon, Woodcraft Folk’s Chief Executive

To find out more about legacy giving you can visit here and to make a donation, just click the green button on the website.

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