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Could you help Woodcraft Folk prepare for its centenary and its future?

Woodcraft Folk is seeking volunteers to join General Council and Standing Orders Committee. These volunteer roles are elected at the Annual General Meeting. General Council is the name given to Woodcraft Folk’s Trustees. The Trustee Board is made up of young people and adults who are responsible for making decisions and maintaining oversight of all things Woodcraft Folk! Standing Orders Committee supports the Trustees in ensuring Woodcraft Folk rules are followed and that the Annual General Meeting is fair and inclusive.

This year’s Woodcraft Folk AGM is taking place at the charity’s international camp Common Ground and all nominations must be submitted by noon on Tuesday 28th June. Individuals are elected for up to three years, which means those individuals elected this summer will steer Woodcraft Folk to its centenary in 2025.

As Woodcraft Folk rebuilds after the disruption to groups caused by COVID, the charity require a Trustee Board and Standing Orders Committee who can bring people together, who can review systems and make sure energies are invested to help the movement increase and widen participation.

As described in Woodcraft Folk’s strategic plan, the charity have made a commitment to strengthen local groups, test new ways of sharing their principles with more young people and to increase diversity and improve inclusion throughout the movement. They also have an ambition to rewrite the constitution, embedding inclusive practice into Woodcraft Folk’s democracy. As such, the youth organisation is encouraging individuals to stand for Standing Orders Committee who have experience of governing documents or inclusive facilitation.

Through a skills audit, the Trustee Board have identified that they need greater knowledge of property management, fundraising, digital skills and communications. Individuals without these skills are still encouraged to stand for election. The strength of General Council is its size and depth of experiences from across the movement.

Debs Mccahon, Woodcraft Folk CEO says:

“It is really important that diverse voices are represented at General Council so the Trustees can make good decisions to support the movement to increase and widen participation as we rebuild after COVID disruptions.”

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the AGM 2022 webpage. Those wanting to be nominated, will need to get a group to nominate them along with applicants needing to write a few words about their motivation.

Come and join the Woodcraft Folk team! If you have any questions about any of the positions please contact or 

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