Our links with the co-operative movement

Talk about co-operatives and most people in the UK think of the Co-op Group – the bank, supermarkets and funeral parlours.

However the co-operative movement groups together hundreds of consumer and worker co-ops across the UK– there are currently over 170 worker co‑operatives alone, part of a sector with an estimated turnover of £140 million.

The UK's Co-operative Group has become a national organisation, though it started off as local co-op societies across the country. As more and more of them have come together it has now become the world's largest consumer co-operative.

Co-op and Woodcraft

The group has been a significant funder of the Woodcraft Folk since our early days and still gives us a major grant each year for core running costs.

Many regional branches of the Co-op Group also fund their local groups and districts and some independent local co-ops also give grants to the Folk.

Woodcraft Folk is represented on the group’s values and principles committee, which ensures the Co-op fulfils its ethical principles and uses some of its profits to strengthen local communities.

We also have a formal partnership with the Co-operative College, which provides learning, education, training, consultancy and research for the co-operative, mutual and social enterprise sectors in the UK and abroad.