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Call out for new trustees at Woodcraft Folk!

Youth charity Woodcraft Folk is calling on young people to get in touch who would like to play a vital role in making strategic decisions for the organisation and become a trustee.

Trustees, known as the General Council, are elected annually, and fill the role for two years. The election process takes place at Woodcraft Folk’s AGM, which is being held at international camp Common Ground this year on Wednesday 3rd August, 2-4pm.

The board of trustees meet six times a year, both online and in person and have the important role of maintaining oversight of Woodcraft Folk’s finances, strategy, staff and youth work activity. This is an exciting time to be joining as a trustee as the charity gears up to its centenary in 2025. In the short-term, Trustees will be reviewing the current strategic plan and developing centenary activities as the charity turns 100!

young man in a yellow hoody talking at a meeting

Woodcraft Folk’s Trustee Board is bigger than average, enabling all members to contribute and learn from each other. The most important motivation the charity looks for in its trustees, is for individuals to be committed to the charity and that they operate in accordance with the organisation’s values and principles.

Trustees can take on key roles, such as Chair or Treasurer, whilst others join working groups and committees. Following a recent skills audit, the Board have identified the following themes that need improvement and are looking for young people with skills and experience in these areas to consider applying:

  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Property management
  • Digital and data

Representation is deep routed in Woodcraft Folk’s values and is very important to the charity and its Board. The Board strives to ensure that there are a variety of voices influencing the decisions it makes. There are places on the Board reserved for non-CIS males, DFs and for those under the age of 25 years. Representation from DFs, people of colour and members volunteering in Wales and the Eastern region are welcome.

Following the COVID pandemic disruption to Woodcraft Folk activities, young members are currently under-represented. Woodcraft Folk members under the age of 18 years are welcome to stand for election and would join the Trustee Board as a full participant, but will not take on the legal role of Trustee or Company Director until they are legally old enough to do so.

Individuals wanting to be considered for election, need to be a member of Woodcraft Folk and are required to submit a nomination form by the deadline, 28th June 2022. All candidates for election need to be nominated by their Woodcraft Folk group, District or the DF movement.

There are no speeches or hustings, but individuals are asked to write a short motivational letter detailing their engagement in Woodcraft Folk and what they believe they can offer to General Council.

All Trustees will be inducted into their role, have access to training and be given a buddy to support them.

Individuals considering standing for election are welcome to attend General Council meetings as an observer, the next meetings are scheduled for the 7th April and 7th May. More information please contact the Chair of General Council or visit the website for a nomination form.

young man in a yellow hoody talking at a meeting

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