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We Don’t Need no Education


Engaging the young people in a fictional situation which has clear parallels with the background to the strikes re pensions — Explain to your group that they are not themselves but a typical class of year 11 or year 13 pupils.

One of the adults (or a member who wants a challenge) is ‘Teacher’ who has been told to read out a statement to the class.

Statement from the Department of Education:

“As you are no doubt aware there was a large number of inaccuracies and mistakes in the GCSE / A level exam papers this year. The companies responsible for these mistakes are very sorry but the Government has to handle this problem. We have decided that the exams are going to have to be re-run. To make it fair this is for all exams for all pupils.

New exam papers will be written and, again for fairness to all, these will focus on new areas of study in each subject.

As this is a matter of urgency the DofE have decided that additional classes are necessary. These additional classes (where attendance is required) will be held instead of holidays this year. It will also be necessary to levy a small charge from each pupil for the rental of the buildings and other government costs.”

The ‘Teacher’ will be in a good position to facilitate the ‘pupils’ response. the teacher is the bearer of bad news but not responsible for it, but responsible for explaining the statement and notice. Choosing how to encourage or prompt different young people to contribute.

This is intended as a starting point to get members to identify with the teachers and public sector workers situation.

It could be followed by a discussion with the members contributing what they know and how the situation is affecting themselves and people they know

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