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The sun shines on…


How to play:

Arrange a circle of chairs with one fewer than the number of participants.

Everyone sits on chair except one person in the middle. The person in the middle makes a statement, ”The sun shines on…” For example, ”…all those who wear glasses, … have taken a shower this morning, … who are wearing trousers, …who like curry”, or whatever according to their imagination.

All those wearing glasses (or whatever) must change chairs while the person in the middle uses this opportunity to get a chair for themselves to sit on. The person now in the middle makes a ”sun shines on…“ statement.

Stop the game after 5 or 10 minutes or when everyone has had a turn to call and everybody has had to change places.


This game can also be played with a parachute and passing underneath as a good way to get to know your group better using questions such as “the sun shines on people who have a pet… like to go on walks … prefer ice cream to chips etc”

You may find that the people in the middle tend to always call characteristics that are visible – e.g. “… is wearing jeans”, “…”has black hair”. If you want to make the game more challenging for the person in the middle and more of a chance for the group to get to know things about each other, you could start the rule that they must call something you wouldn’t necessarily know by looking at someone. For example, “… has a birthday in the summer”, “… plays a musical instrument”, “… has been in Woodcraft since Elfins”.

Resources Required

A circle of Chairs


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