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The Chocolate Game


Everyone sits in a circle around the chocolate and the other props/clothing.

Someone starts by rolling the dice in front of them (so people can see). If they roll a number 1 to 5, then it goes to the next person and they roll and so on.

If someone rolls a 6 then its chocolate time! They have to get up, put on all of the clothing (the hat, apron, gloves etc) and then try to eat the chocolate with the fork and spoon. They will also need to get the wrapper off and break the chocolate without using their hands.

While the Venturer who threw the 6 is trying desperately to get to the chocolate and eat, the others are going around in the circle rolling the dice. If someone else rolls a 6, the person in the middle needs to stop, take off all of the garments and the new person starts dressing up to take their turn.

Needless to say the first person usually only gets as far as tearing off a bit of the wrapper, later on in the game the chocolate is exposed so it is a race to see who can eat the fastest. Comedy arises when someone is half way through getting dressed eagerly anticipating eating the chocolate but then is interrupted by someone else who rolls a 6.

The game ends when all of the chocolate has been eaten!


You can vary the costume items. In winter you could play with a hat, scarf, gloves etc, or you could have a fancy dress theme. Oven gloves work well as it is tricky to hold the cutlery with them. You could have more or fewer items depending on how good the Venturers are at eating the chocolate!

The game also works well with both Venturers and Pioneers so is good for inter-district nights with mixed age groups.

Resources Required

A big bar of chocolate (or alternative), fork, spoon, oven gloves, apron, silly hat, dice.


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