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  1. Ask the group to use their knowledge from previous activities to think of groups of people who might bemore affected by the climate emergency as a result of things people in the UK and the country as a whole currently does or has done in the past.
    • This includes the effects of racism, colonialism, wars and other forms of exploitation, as well as actions which directly impact on the environment like pollution.
  2. What challenges do these groups face as a result and how they could be supported to overcome them?
    • Often this is about resources, especially money, or it might be about a change in law or policy that is needed.
  3. As a group make a plan on how you could support one of these groups.
    • It might involve holding a fundraiser or collection of resources for a relevant organisation, supporting a crowd-funding initiative, or using your collective voice to advocate for a policy change.

Wherever possible, try and be lead in your action planning by the group you are trying to offer reparations to — they will know their own needs and circumstances best.

Reparation is the action of making amends for previous wrongs and injustices, by providing payment or other assistance to those who have been wronged.

Take it Further

Challenges around migration might not always seem immediately realated to the climate emergency, but there are many links between climate change and people’s decisions to move country — whether that is thought to be for economic reasons or as an action of last resort as a refugee.

Therefore possible actions to support migrants rand refugees might include:

  • Collecting resources for organisations working in refugee camps.
  • Supporting organisations working with migrants and refugees in the UK.
  • Campaigning against lawas and practices such as deportations before appeal, detentions of refugees (including children) in the UK, and for the right for refugee family reunification.

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