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Odd One Out


What to do

Stick one coloured sticker spot on each player’s forehead.

Players should not know what colour spot they have. Tell the Pioneers to get into a group with others who have the same colour spot. No one may talk; they may only use non verbal communication.

Discussion questions

Help the group explore their feelings about what they did and what they learnt:

  • How did you feel at the moment when you first met someone with the same colour spot as yourself?
  • How did the person with the odd spot feel?
  • Did you try to help each other get into groups?
  • What different groups do you belong to e.g. football team, school, church?
  • Can anyone join these groups?
  • In our society, who are the odd ones out?
  • How can we include everyone in our society?

Resources Required

Some coloured sticky paper spots – for example, for a group of 16 people you will need four blue, four red, four yellow, three green and one white spot. For different numbers in the group increase or decrease the blue, red, yellow and green spots but keep just one white one.


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