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Knowing me, knowing you – Statements


Sit in a large circle. The leader should stay outside the circle.

The leader explains that they are going to read out a number of statements. If a young person feels that the statement applies to them, they should get up and swap positions with someone else in the circle who has also got up. If a young person is the only person to get up, they should receive a round of applause and then re-take their seat.

Some possible statements are given below, but these can be adapted to suit the group:

  • I have lived in more than one country
  • I like to go on Tik Tok
  • I have been blamed for something I didn’t do
  • I have religious parents
  • I believe in God
  • I read my horoscope
  • I support a football team
  • I regularly recycle
  • I am proud to be from (insert place).

Try to end on a statement which includes everyone, such as:

  • I like coming to Venturers

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