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This activity works best with groups of 8-10 people, so if you have a very large Venturer group, it might be worth splitting into two smaller groups.

As a group think about a topic you would like to discuss. Ask for a volunteer to start the discussion. Take a ball of wool and give it to them. The person holding the wool can speak. When they ae done speaking they pass the ball onto whoever wants to go next (they should have their hand-up). As the discussion proceeds, a web will appear, showing the lines of communication. When the wool runs out, or the discussion has finished, carefully lay the web on the floor.
Take another ball of wool in a different colour. Pick another topic. Whoever spoke last in the previous discussion takes the ball of wool and asks another person in the circle if they would like to speak. If they do, pass the wool on to that person. If they don’t, ask someone else if they could like to speak. They can not ask for the ball of wool when they want to speak- it must be offered to them.

Compare the two webs and ask:
• What stops people participating in a discussion?
• How can you stop someone from dominating a discussion and help those who can’t get a word
in have their say?

Resources Required

Two balls of yarn in different colours


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